What does a vascular surgeon do?

He/She deals with diseases of the blood vessels, both arteries and veins, excluding the heart & the part of the brain inside the skull. He/She is different from a cardiac surgeon who is trained to deal with blood vessels of the heart and a micro vascular surgeon who is essentially a plastic/reconstructive surgeon.

Why should vascular disease be treated by a vascular surgeon ONLY?

Because he/she ALONE is trained to understand the diseases of blood vessels in depth. He/she is also trained exclusively in managing vascular disease/s. He/she is also the best equipped person to manage a complication arising out of a particular treatment procedure.

What quality of service can I expect from the above doctor?

You can expect a practical, honest and unbiased yet technically perfect solution to any vascular disease and have access to him 24x7. You will be treated by a TEAM and not an individual.